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Who Attacked Deputy William Ruto’s Home? And Why?

One officer was shot at deputy William Ruto's compound
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First it is true to ask

What is your thought about this?

Could it be a coincidence that DP Ruto’s sugoi home gets attacked a day after Raila Odinga reveals how KDF plans to rig the elections.


Dp Ruto’s Sugoi home attack is an attempt to raise political temperatures and justify heavy deployment of military on 8/8.


The attack at Dp ruto’s sugoi Home is mere PR by the government to divert attention of most Kenyans from the Raila’s rigging exposes


The attack at Dp Ruto’s Sugoi home is just a plan to seek sympathy votes.

It is said that armed men attacted Deputy President William Ruto’s home in Sogai village that started at 11 am. Moreover; the  attackers stached a gun and tshot a GSU officer few minutes after Deputy President left home for Kitale. Could it be a coincidence that attackers attacked Deputy President, William Ruto’s home just a few minutes after his left?

Food of thought.

They went on and told us that the suspects “not the attackers” are still in the compound, which all this happened short before noon. The most suprising thing is that the Deputy President has not made any reference concerning this attackers in the county at least in the rally at Kapsabet where he is also expected to make his way to for another campaign rally with Uhuru Kenyatta; But no word from President Kenyatta or the office of the Deputy President addressing this matters.

An individual attacks a security guard at William Rutos Home

  This is very serious, it was also said that the attacters over powered the armed security men and made their way in the deputies president compound and their had been a gunshot that could be heard from the compound. Soon after an ambulance was seen going in to the deputy’s compound and that could tell a lot about what was going on, and again thirty minutes from that we also saw more securities coming in; in a span of every ten to twenty minutes more securies we getting in.

 The residents of the area claimed that workers and every one do enter and exit the compound freely and the security is not always that tight. Reason being that there was peace then. However they also added that they have been waiting to hear from the adding security if their was any attackers caught but none of this was heard.

An official statement was sent out from the office Inspector General Of The National police on the particular attact; and it said that today just about noon and individual approached the out gate of the Deputy President, William Ruto’s rural residence in Sugoi, Uashi Ngishi county, in circumstances that are still unclear he hit the security on duty severaly with a machete and managed to enter a firm complex; other officers were quickly mobilized and the intruder was forced to hide at a building that is still under construction to the gate.

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