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What Jubilee Should Be Promising Kenyan’s

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  • We are also going to make sure that we have enough teachers in our schools;
  • the teachers are well paid;
  • infrastructure is supportive of the landing that is suppose to take place in the schools, because that’s where the problem isn’t the moment.

So free secondary secondary education is good and in fact that is a universal right;

Is one thing that should be basic and should have come long ago but what is the infrastructure? Have we thought about it.
Because their have also been some concern since free primary education program and the government of Mari Kibaki that the quality of education in the country has gone down. Well according to surveys there is a feeling that pupils are living basic schools without the basic skills; so how do we Marge free primary and secondary education to ensure that it is well supported and we are producing skillful individuals that are going to the job market or that are proceeding with learning. So those are some of the things that both NASA and need to be thinking about clearly and articulating; otherwise those (manifestos) make very colorful interesting reading whether it’s soft/hard/printed but what do they mean to the citizens.

Moreover, currently there’s a disconnect between all these promises of free education, laptops programs vis-a-vis the quality of education we get; and the surveys show that their is a disconnect because I don’t think both sides (if NASA doesn’t see it too) did their research to understand what citizens really really are seeing about the issues that are important today and that is why I don’t know what happens when they start implementing these things because when a survey is done probably next year at the same time or in two years time I’ll will not be surprised that the surveys say the citizens are still not happy or satisfied.

Let’s talk about Heath because it is fundamental and might be captured in both manifestos and this is just one of the areas when a survey was done last year. Citizens were saying “we feel that the health sector is in a major crisis like 47 per cent say we are in a major crisis and 45 per cent had said “we have minor problems” so 92 per cent of citizens in the country said out health sector has problems.

  • Now problems related to what?
  • Problems related to availability of drugs
  • Problems related to availability of health workers in this country are on the strike from time to time;
  • right now we have nurses strike,

So we need a manifesto that speaks to the ‘mwananchi’ because 75 per cent or 3 quarters of the population in this country relies on public health facilities, so that means that we need to assure Kenyans. We need to some very basic things like it doesn’t have to be a big health facility but it needs to be a small one at the grassroots which is also the responsibility of the county governments; and in this case Jubilee as national government has the responsibility of supporting county governments because at the end of the day citizens …

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