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Those Who Are Going To Vote Jubilee; Will Just Be Voting Jubilee Out Of Sympathy

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… don’t want to care when they have paid taxes, whether it is a national government or the county governments providing the service. They just want basic services so I expected them to see we are going to support county governments and the provision of health services.
From last year’s survey: why are people complaining?
It’s because you can have a big facility with all the equipment but when the health workers are unavailable because they are not happy; then you haven’t solved any problem.
The basic problem remains basic just the way it is so I expected them and even NASA today to revise it because they are not talking to Jubilee because there seems to be some level of competition between the two.
The surveys again also Show’s that most looked are continuing to support devolution, most recent one shows 9 out of 10 Kenyans support devolution with 53 per cent strongly are supporting it. And others are probably supporting it in one way because there are some elements of it that need to be firmed up. 

So their is no way I think Jubilee was going to escape. I think this is one area where they have realized that we can not escape supporting devolution but we have also seen tensions between the national government and county governments. They need to be very firm and come out strongly that we support devolution and we will support devolution in the years to come and partner with all the 47 counties.

Food security:
Still I will explain majoring in the surveys: in October when the survey was done about the households or economic conditions. More than a half said that they were going to bed hungry, and at that time ‘Unga’ was not such not such a serious issue; so right now I expect these numbers to be very high if a new survey was conducted.
So government needs to be very very in touch with the realities. Households in Kenya report needing at least 100 shillings per day to meet their basic needs; Water, food e.t.c
So if you are in a household of four people it means on any given day you need 400 shillings. Their is no Unga, government is struggling to explain why and we know there has been 3 to 4 years when this was in their manifesto to remember if you read it well. So for ordinary citizens this is a manifestation of failure and those who are going to vote Jubilee: will just be voting Jubilee out of sympathy and not because they have read.
The majority of citizens 80 per cent in this country live on meager salaries a meager income. So political parties in competition speak to each other they don’t speak to citizens. And if you read this be a rational voter and kindly promote peace. It is stupid for us as citizens to fight over these (Jubilee and NASA) political parties. It is their problem to fight but it is our responsibility to promote peace by being wise enough in every actions you take.
(Surveys are from Twaweza East Africa)

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