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Step By Step Guide To Creating A Free Blog With WordPress 

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This guide will be made a simple as possible, it will be easy just like creating a facebook account, and posting your updates. If you have already created a facebook account before by yourself, then this will just be as easy for you. So without waste of time, keenly follow the steps below to start your free blog with . (it will be a .com and your domain will look something like this:


– Yourname is (domain name) the name you choose for the site and, 

– .com is the hosting site. 

But when you buy a domain name (yourname) your site/blog url will look like this; without the hosting site name,  this is because you own the domain name. 


Step 1: Click Get Started  you will be taken to a site that looks like this.

Then you give your option/choice, which in our case  is a blog. So click on that.

Step 2: Chose a theme or layout for your blog.

This is the look that readers will see,  from a post you make or a link you send to them.

Step 3: Choose the “yourname” we earlier talked about. Make sure to choose a name that is unique from other bloggers. Like here is an example “”

As you can see the first one is the free domain name,  the rest are paid blogs. If you are from Kenya and maybe need a start guide for paid blog just tell us from the comment box below. Just to add on this I am a web designer an I can make you a nice site for your business or personal use.

Step 4: Click click on the first option for your free plan. Mostly I don’t advice people to have a free blog.

Congrats your blog is now set and running.

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