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SRC New Pay Structure 2017; Members Of Parliament Are The Most Affected

Benefits and allowances reduced of Salaries
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This new pay structure made on the 10th of July 2017 runs up-to the year 2022, that is five years in count. Out of this new structure and with prudent consideration that SRC factored has outlined in our background, they have confirmed that they will draw a savings to this nation, Kenya. And that from the savings accruing from the new salary structure is a total of Kenya shillings 8, 853, 204, 952 (approximately 8.9 billion Kenya shillings every year) on the items or categories of the payment cut; it is also structured in a document.

The ultimate goal of SRC is to bring wage bill which currently stands at 52 per cent of the domestic revenue to sustainable levels of below 35 per cent; this will go along way in ensuring that the public sector wage bill is within the thresh-hold provided for, by the public finance management act. For them, SCR to be accountable to Kenyans and as public servants, because the would not ignore the element of sacrifice as opposed to looking at employment as a source of enriching ourselves. They, SCR needed to elevate the service and sacrifice to the people and probably answer the question what must I do to the people other than what will I get out of the service.

We should strive towards being a productive country as opposed to being a consuming one, as they are appealing to the employing agencies to also critically look at the numbers because we all know that wage bill is a factor of two variables; the numbers and the variables. SRC looks at the modest remuneration levels, we also need to critically look at the numbers so that we do not lose the benefits derived from the rumuneration by employing more. The wage bill is a Number of both the values and numbers, the aim is to ensure that we, Kenya have optimum numbers in the public sector for efficient and effective service delivery; that is our aspiration as Kenyans.New Salary structure affects the members of Parliament the most

  1. The Deputy president from this new revised position will be at Kenya shillings 1, 227, 188 (1.2 million Kenya Shillings) down from Kenya Shillings 1, 402, 500 (Ksh 1.4 million): that is less Kenya Shillings 175, 312 ( About a hundred and eight thousand Kenya Shillings).
  2. The Cabinet Secretaries, Secretary to the Cabinet, AJ Chief of defense and the group that is banded within that category will be having a fixed salary (fixed salaries for the term period of service) of Kenya Shillings 924 thousand from the current Kenya Shillings One Million and fifty six thousand, 1, 056, 000.
  3. The principal secretaries and the group and the groups that seat within that band have a reviewed salary of Kenya Shillings Seven hundred and sixty five thousand one hundred and eighty eight, 765,188 down from Kenya Shillings eight hundred forty four thousand five hundred, 844,500.
  4. The commanders of the various forces within the defense force, the KDF and the band falling within the group will be at Kenya Shilling Seven hundred and forty seven thousand four hundred and sixty one, 747, 461 down from Kenya Shillings eight hundred and fifty four thousand two hundred and forty one, 854, 241.
  5. Remuneration for the Senate and the national assembly, the speaker of the senate and the speaker of the national assembly will be drawing a monthly package and fixed for the term of service of Kenya Shillings One million one hundred and fifty five thousand, 1, 155, 000 down from the current Kenya Shillings, 1, 320, 000.
  6. The deputy speaker of the senate and the national assembly will have a reviewed remuneration of Ksh, 924, 000 from the current Ksh, 1, 055, 000.
  7. The leader of the majority, the senate and the leader of the minority will be drawing a gross of Ksh, 765, 188 from Ksh, 1, 020, 000.
  8. Members of the senate and members of parliament, the national assembly will be drawing a gross income of Ksh, 621, 250 from the current Ksh 710, 000.
  9. The County government, the county governor will be drawing a gross income of Ksh 924, 000 from the current Ksh, 1, 056, 000.
  10. The deputy governor will be drawing a gross income of Ksh 621, 250 from the current Ksh 701, 441.
  11. The speaker of the county assembly and the CCs at the county will be drawing a gross income of Ksh 259, 875 from the current Ksh 350, 000.
  12. The member of the county assembly will be drawing a gross income of Ksh, 144, 375 from the current Ksh 165, 000.


SRC also abolished some of the benefits and reduced others.

Some of the abolished benefits at the county governments are;

  1. The governors allowance; this takes cognisance that the fact that the remuneration paid to the governors takes care of the full responsibility and therefore there will be no any other allowances a tide to the position; and so also goes to the deputy governors allowance.
  2. The mileage allowance (SRC will be removing some of the allowances that have been prompted to abuse and closing on some of them)
  3. Special responsibility allowance, taking the consideration that every position has been compensated through remuneration and there is no reason for special responsibility allowance.
  4. Special parliamentary allowance , sitting allowance for plenary sessions and this was the bigger cry for the people of Kenya that there is absolutely no reason why both the senate and parliamentary members should earn a salary and that at the same time draw sitting allowance for the plenary sessions.

Special responsibility allowances removed for the same reason stated earlier.

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