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Setting up a blog, in a Minutes.

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Setting up a blog, in a Minutes.

Thank you for checking in at; this is a topic that I don’t write mostly on my blog. Most likely in this Web, but because one of my friends suggested that I should help the create one. Of course I couldn’t resist; so in this post I will help you set a blog/ free blog in minutes.

Take note of this overview. It’s important.

To set up a blog, you only need to do these two things:

  • Sign up for web hosting, and choose a domain name (i.e.
  • Use to create your blog.

In steps two and three of this site, I will explain how web hosting works, and how to create a blog. Step 4 (Extra Information) provides lots of general information related to setting up a website/blog, and Step 5 (Start Making Your site) covers the actual instructions you need to follow, to set up your blog.

What I would recommend for to a first time blogger or one who needs a paid professional blog in the future is . is a Web Hosting site for blogs and websites, it has cool feature and easy to use custom layouts that has attracted most successful bloggers.

Of course we wouldn’t go much into discussing how good it is, but rather how to set one for yourself.


Overview of Word Press.Com

In Word , all you need to do is to text of your pages of course  this will be shown, and (if you like) add some pictures. will create the pages, apply your site’s layout to them, and add a link to each one from the menu bar. If your site is a blog, you can easily make new posts. will add them to the top of the blog page for you, and manage visitor comments (if you allow comments.)

In , you don’t design a layout. You just choose one. You can’t edit these layouts, but you can very easily change major features, like the background color and header picture. This makes things very easy.

operates from the Internet, through your browser. Because of this, it works on any computer (PC, Mac, etc) or device (smart phones, iPhone, iPad etc.) with Internet access. If you can browse the Internet, you can use .

Now let’s see the step by step guide tutorial to start a blog with .

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