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Research ;Facts Analyzed about NASA And Jubilee Manifesto

What is true on NASA Manifesto
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Well in this post we will be talking about some facts that were considered to be right and wrong From NASA Manifesto, and at the end you will also have the link from the source of this statistics. These are some of the analyzed facts by Africa Check, One of the organization’s that have been felt to be giving almost right reports in Kenya and Africa.

(Free Secondary Education Promise)

There are 5 clips checked from NASA Manifesto, but we will pick one that seems of interest for many sundry in Kenya and also have been treasured by the two major rival Political parties in Kenya (that is, Jubilee and NASA). So quickly let’s see what was analyzed on this claim;

CLAIM: Only half the children who complete primary schools are proceeding to secondary schools.

Researched by Alphonce Shihundu

Before we even see the analysis, I hope you as a Citizen of Kenya have already went through the two manifestos and can locate where this claim is; And if you haven’t which I consider not a good thing if you are focused on making Kenya a great nation; It would be bad to neglect this. So this statement is in the Manifesto where NASA is talking about social and economic rights; and it is a statement made within the context of achieving the constitutional requirement: That every child has a right to basic education, so that’s where it is in the manifesto.

So let’s look at the numbers and see whether it is half of the children who complete primary schools are proceeding to secondary schools.Nasa and Jubilee manifesto

From the picture depicted on the left, starting from the year, 2015; Its demarcated that 927, 789 pupils sat for KCPE, Kenya Certificate of Primary Education: Where it is also said that 757, 904 out of those who sat for the KCPE, proceeded Form One in 2016. Which is quite frankly more than a half suggested in the NASA’s Manifesto, that about 81 per cent of the transition rate at that time.

So we just depicted this as a representative of the other claims made from the two Manifesto’s; For 2014 we would see like Three-quarter of those pupils who sat for KCPE proceeded to Form 1, and in 2013 that number was just at 70 per cent; just over two thirds of the pupils who sat for KCPE who joined Form 1.Manifestos in relation to Kenyan citizens Now in the current year, 2017; they exclaimed that they did not have the number of the pupils who sat for KCPE and those who actually joined. But from the documents they explained to have looked from the ministry of Education they show that we have just 790 thousand Form one places.

So if we estimate it looks like 940 thousand pupils sat for KCPE in 2016, which could give us a figure of about 79 per cent or 80 per cent. So if we look fro this figures it is marketly above 50 per cent that NASA was talking about in their Manifesto, and it is worrying because when you are talking about figures of transition and promising Free Secondary Education: in the Manifesto it is saying they are going to partner with county governments and work with county governments to improve secondary school infrastructure to get the transition rate at a 100 per cent. They say the enrolment in primary schools is almost 100 per cent and they want to do the same for secondary education, so that is the context within which they were looking at. It is important because this is a policy matter and if you are going to make policy when your numbers are understated and wrong that means they would be cartering for half yet the figures are higher.

We talk a lot about numbers and figures and statistics and you know most people don’t match up, and this is something very important for people in leadership to state the numbers and figures just the way they are; Of course it is not just NASA, the same thing with Jubilee and the others. They are in the position of authority and in position of power so the least people can expect from them is that they are honest because and because the numbers will determine budgetary allocation, where our moneys goes e.t.c so it is important that we are dealing with the correct figures.

They, NASA made a statement about the

Foreign debt on how it has risen – It was stated correct

Tourism numbers going down 4 years- 5 tears in a row – it was also stated correct

The potential of Maize in Kenya; they say we have stagnated at about 8 bags of maize per acre when we can produce up-to 30 bags an acre – and the research was also stated correct.

So this is just one of the 4 claims made by Nasa Manifesto and there are also claims made by Jubilee that were also check and Here is where you can read more about NASA and Jubilee Manifesto Fact and Figures.

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