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Released In A Ksh 500, 000 Bond And Ksh 100, 000 Cash Bill: Junet Mohammed Refuses Charges

Junet's hate speech at NASA rally
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Suna East MP Junet Mohammed was released on bond after he was charged with hate speech at the Homabay court.

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed was arrested Friday Morning as he traveled from Kisumu to Migori county for a political rally on grounds that he propagated hate speech during Nasa rally in Homabay County. And after some questioning the county and divisional CID head quarters in Homebay Count: Junet was arraigned in court.Junet's hate speech at NASA rally The court head the words were intended to incite contempt hatred and discrimination against a certain community.
Junet denied the charges and was released in a Ksh 500, 000 bond and Ksh 100, 000 cash bill; after his release Junet claimed that his political destructor were targeting him.
Junet Says;
This is just political intimidation, they are sending signals to other people using me you know they are try to show that they are not going to spare anybody and I am just a ‘gunnie pig’ by sending a message to other people; because they are planning to ridge the elections.

He then later joined the ODM brigade for a political rally at Homabay county where he continued to tore into Jubilee administration accusing the regime of trying to muzzle opposition leaders. Where Lawyer Ochillo Ayacko said that the government should not miss use the offices or the law enforcement officers to express anger to passive people to be of a different ideology.
When we recall, Junet is not new to controversy as last year he was among eight legislatures who were arrested and detained for four days over hate speech; However NCIC has already warned politicians against propagating hate speech during a political rallies, warning dare consequences for those found guilty.

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