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Raila’s Statement Where He Said “Let People Stay, Why Are They Coming Here?

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Start From Here ; What NASA Leader Raila Odinga Said That Was Marked As A Controversial Remark.

But let’s focus on Raila’s statement where he said “let people stay, why are they coming here?

“I think what we people are avoiding in diverting this;

is Whether president Uhuru can direct Raila to be arrested? 

Which we can say is a waste of time we are discussing rubbish in that regard because it can’t happen.
The media is giving these Jubilee Propaganda unnecessary attention. What Jubilee has succeeded to do is to diver our attention from corruption and luting in government, corruption in government, debt burden, the cost of living we’ve been debating on to debating a non issue. Is it not true that we should be talking about land reform? In fact Jubilee is trying to ignite something like you’ve heard Kangata talking about Kikuyu’s, who are evidently not interested In voting to go voting for them. I think time has come now for us to deal with the real issue “Are land reform issue’s in TJRC reports and should we be dealing with that.” Added Kaluma

Facts ; 

  • We know when we start talking about land issues we make many people nervous because there are so many questions around that their are Families with very huge appetite for land acquisition; so when you start introducing issues about land you make people nervous.
  • You know their is a saying, a victorious saying “the guilty are always afraid and they are always running,” but when looking at the land issue it’s suppose to be willing buyer – willing seller but most of the time is never a willing seller: Why? Because most of the time people are selling their land is always because of economic issues maybe you’ve incurred a huge medical bill and you don’t have another opportunity to raise the resources from else where so you are forced to sell that piece of land it might be fees or anything of a sort.
  • But I think the main issue we are running away from that is our politician’s is that the campaigns were supposed to be anchored around real issues, the issues that affect bread and butter.

What we should be asking Kaluma now and Irungu; is that what are their collations doing now in making the cost of living in Kenya affordable or in other words: With Jubilee are you better of 4 years later? That’s the question we should be asking. So that based on that we will be able to say they made our life’s better the last view;;ars we need to give them another term.

Or if they failed to do so let’s try out with Nasa. When you do that analysis; the reason why Irungu and company are very happy to discuss about land issue is to make the campaign emotional, with motion to fill the campaign with drama; to run away from issues.

Because the co-issues we need to be addressing is the cost of living in Kenya; the issues affecting the normal “Mwanainchi” (Kenyan ) and you recall right from independence; The First, President Kenyatta is on record as having told people not to necessarily sell their land if they don’t need to. Moreover, President Moi did the same: a some months back when president Uhuru was in Mombasa giving out title deeds he told the costors’ that he wouldn’t like it when he issues out the title deed then a few hours to go sell out these piece of land, a few days he was in Kiambu he did the same thing.

In my view;

When a leader tells you; you don’t need to sell land because of unnecessary issues, you don’t need to.

And you see the issue Mr. Raila Odinga is addressing is :-
People are selling land because of poverty; it is not willing buyer it is not willing seller. He is addressing land because of poverty. And we now need to put Kaluma and Irungu in to challenge we ask them “what are you going to do in future that people will not be selling land for issues like School fees, medical bills e.t.c ?

We must understand that these is political competition and we know very well that they should primarily be focusing on the messaging. I think moving forward on this land issue, when the political formations come; it is about improving lively hoods and you cannot talk about lively hoods in the Masai and Kajiado area without touching on land issues:
Fact or Not?
So land as an asset we really need to consider it as a nation. And I think sometimes we need to TURN DOWN these reckless sensational interpretation from Hon. Irungu and their likes.
Because if you look at what Raila Odinga was saying you don’t hold you don’t hold bif to what I think Hon. Peter Kaluma does. But I think in terms of the context in which they were talking about is how do we address the issue of poverty in these area. And in terms of addressing about poverty is about improving the living standards so that when it comes to selling lands it shouldn’t be the reason that am poor. So if we get that and stop blowing our interpretation out of context, then we are going to be loosing it.
Am really waiting to see what jubilee is going to come up with, I know very well they will be moving their very soon. I want to see what is going to be their alternative because when you talk about the Masai’s my friend and reader: they must come up with their manifesto that is going to be addressing what issues of land so I expect what Hon. Kangata should be doing here is to be saying that in terms of what Jubilee is going to do; these is what we are going to be doing to make sure Masai’s are not going to be selling their land.

So let’s have competitive messages, messages that are practical and as I said let’s avoid the emotional bit of it.

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