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Raila Odinga Discharged; I Am In Very Good Health And Spirit.

Raila was sick from his flight from Mombasa to Malindi
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NASA flag bearer, Raila Amollo Odinga after leaving hospital was their a few hours ago, complaining of stomach pains and feeling of discomfort, as he exclaimed that the doctors have said that all indicators are good and that he was probably suffering from dehydration and his been given some water water, no cause for alarm; he has been discharged and allowed to go back and run his campaign. So that was the news this night at 10 forty eight, remember he was on a flight from Malindi to Mombasa and onward from Mombasa to Nairobi. He was at the Airport before bordering a flight to Nairobi when he complained of discomfort and he said that it is his people that insisted he goes to hospital and get proper check up.

Nasa flag bearer, Raila Odinga is from the Hospital this night now speaking to the press. Here is what he said

‘I want to tell those who have come to see me and those who are watching all over the country, that I’m in very good health and very good spirits. I am,  we were feeling a little bit uncomfortable earlier on when we were to have a flight from Malindi to Mombasa;Raila suffered from dehydration when we landed at I felt a little pain in my tummy and a little bit cold; and feverish so my college  decided that I needed to have a check u. That’s how they brought me here, but otherwise it wasn’t something serious at all. Ahh! The doctors have looked at me and they said I was suffering from dehydration and they have given me water and that’s all. Other wise all my other indicators are all very good, so I have been discharged to go back to Nairobi. And go back to the campaign, Ok! Now as fit as a fiddle. OK!

Am not being referred to any other place, Ahh am going home. I was just having some stomach pain and feeling uncomfortable but it has all disappeared. They said it is maybe something  that I eat, but nothing really very serious. So my condition is not a critical condition, is not a condition that requires admission, it is ahh! Not really a medical condition. So as you see me now here the doctors have actually discharged me so I am okay, and no course for Alarm.

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