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Pledges: Jubilee Manifesto 2017

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Jubilee Manifesto 2017
1. 1.3m jobs every year
2. Start 1 year apprenticeship program
3. Double cash transfer to elderly
4. Free day public secondary school
5. 500,000 affordable homes
6. Expand free maternity care
7. Power to all by 2020
8. Expand food production
9. Completion of 57 large scale dams

These are Jubilees manifesto as they launched it yesterday night as we await NASA manifesto today. So now let’s go in details what these means to the common ‘mwananchi’ that is to the citizens of Kenya like you and I.
These were really great points by Jubilee and we have seen before that political party manifestos make very interesting lists until the time of implementation comes to pass and probably three to four years down the line: we ask ourselves as citizens what the government has been doing.
We also found out that in their last manifesto most of them were not captured. If I name the 5 basic areas like

  • in devolution,
  • in health,
  • basic education,
  • food security and we have
  • water and sanitation.

So I don’t know which one to begin with: but if we can be precise in water and sanitation.

Water a basic need is a service provided by the county government but we still have the national government playing a big role, so I expected the national government in that manifesto to say “we are going to support the county governments to ensure that citizens have access to clean and safe water.

Now why am I saying this because in rural areas which is where most Kenyans live like 60 per cent of the population. What you will find is that YES their is access to water but we still have households where people spend up to 1 hour or more trying to get water: basic need. It’s something am sure most people in Nairobi city having to fetch water from various sources and bring it to households.
Just visit the informal settlements which is where Nairobi’s largest population will be found. So access to water is still a big problem, so I expected them to be vary clear on what they are going to do to support the national government to ensure that all citizens at the turn of a tab can get can get clean and safe water.

We still have most (92 per cent of) households where women still have the responsibility of the burden of collecting water: so you see again women a little bit sideline you know it is a very basic thing better than the SGR and most things they exclaim to have done. Having clean and safe water is critical because is a way of preventing health diseases that is a bit problem in the country.
Now let us talk about the basic education: in this country we still have problem with the infrastructure so according to the survey is like over 50 per cent of people have been saying that lack of teachers in primary schools or even secondary schools, it remains a big challenge; they feel it, they see it from time to time so I expected the national government in addition to say we are going to ensure that there is free secondary …

Continue at: … we are also going to make sure that we have enough teachers in our schools

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