Corruption in Kenya
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Developing your personality starts with understanding yourself. Evaluate what traits you see in yourself,and where needs improvement . Try listing some of the things or traits you feel you are great at; here you can do this by hearing on what friends and family always have been telling you. IfContinue Reading
It is very important to realize one’s self because most of the time people do or indulge in things they do not like, like myself am a victim of this. But i tried realize myself and worth; and i think this will also help you. Here are some tips iContinue Reading
Enhance your listening skills: It will make you less defensive and allow you to analyze the statement of other person deeply. You should listen to the other person with patience and give a logical approach to the same. Let the other person complete what he/she wants to say. Once he/sheContinue Reading
Share this post with the icons on social media, to motivate your friends.   What Innovation Can Do to Your Life. I prepared this scrips to help you realize that you have something great in you that is yet to see the light. “It’s a talent that everyone has, yetContinue Reading
  We already know that basing our happiness on external circumstances can be tenuous at best. So what does create feelings of happiness? Happiness is a personal concept that is probably different for each of us. Take a moment to consider what happiness means to you. That’s one important stepContinue Reading


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