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Part 1: (Conversation)Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto

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That it is not for lack of laws or lack of institutions in fact I think we have the highest number of institutions and an entire chapter in the constitution dedicated to integrity, that is chapter 6 of the constitution. What we need now are men and women that are bold enough to walk the talk and to implement and for us to strengthen the institutions that has already been set up. We must also raise the bar and I thing this is a conversation we must have as a nation: chapter 6 and even when we are looking at people who are going for elective positions this I think the horse has bolted but it is a conversation that those of us who expect to go back to parliament and under the caucus of parliamentarians against corruption. We must come up with rules to ensure that their is some basic vetting because if we don’t do that we may end up in a situation where government is controlled by crooks, by drugs lords, by corrupt people, by people who have benefited from evils and are getting into politics just to launder themselves; those are the commitments that NASA has made.

Q; Remember the statement that the president made a couple of months ago. That him he is done everything as the CEO of this country and he has asked Kenyans you know “what more do you want me to do,” when you know people who are saying see he has put all these institutions. All are there EACC is their, the DPP is their you now have a judicial system. So it is not really about the presidency it is really about the Institutions that are mandated to take care of these issues and prosecute and convict people who have been involved in corruption scandals?

David Osian – Public Policy Consultant ;

Your words must match your actions; to say one thing and dine with the perpetrators of corruption is to say that you hate corruption and then dine with it’s perpetrators, you are speaking from both sides of the cheek. Which is what the president has perfected the art of doing unfortunately. I know that if the president was strict enough just the same way he was able to ensure that the ECC bosses were kicked out. He is able to say “you no what I know you have the security of tenure but you got to resign because you have failed in your mandate. The EACC is an institution of fighting corruption will have to be a multi-pronged approach. It will have to take the presidency but it will have to have a very candid conversation with the Chief Justice. They will have to protect those judges who seem to be executing their mandate with utmost honesty, who want the best for this country. They know from among themselves, talk about the judiciary for example; that so-and-so is an a better of this crime how are we going to exempt him from a particular cases of interest so that we set a good example. I am proud for example about you know the experiment, I hope he is going to be much better because in his tenure you remember by him firing then the Minister for agriculture now the deputy president, William Ruto and it took president Mwai Kibaki to…

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