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Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto

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Part 1: Analysis on the NASA and Jubilee:
(Joshua Kiptoo-Political Analyst, David Osian-Public Policy Consultant and Senator Moses Kajwang – Home Bay senator)

What is NASA going to do about Corruption?
Moses Kajwang :

We have made one of the boldest commitments that any political grouping has ever made since the days of mudegwa and his report on the public service; which allowed public servants to do business and to do business with government.
We have said and Raila Doings himself has said that him together with his co-principals that they have signed: and undertaking that they are not going to do business with the government.
What we’ve just seen here president uhuru Kenyatta launching an EABL project at state house. You know he need to disclose how many shares he holds at EABL, because that brings in conflict of interest: You ask yourself whether they would do the same thing for ‘Tabitha of kerochi ‘ when Tabitha was launching her new production plant the government shunned it. When other small time investors are trying to do things perhaps the president or the government does not participate because they do not have a pecuniary interest in it or a direct financial interest in it. We must kill this thing of people in government legislating coming up policies, coming up with projects, and then they become the service providers. It is an open secret that right now when it comes to the insurance industry, insurance contracts for parastatals, for counties, for government departments and this I can vouch for: there are a few companies that are owned by people who are high up in government that are getting most of those contracts; and I say that because I was in the insurance industry before I got into politics, we know how things are moving in the insurance industry.
In the banking sector: banks associated with people in the government are the ones that are attracting deposits from parastatals and compressions. I want to dare Jubilee today; for them to declare that even if they were to be reelected in the unlikely event, that they will stop doing direct business with the government. The ministry of health scandal were containers were supplied by people very close to the president: it brought an interesting dimension where you could see people who were trading in favors because of their proximity to the state. So NASA has already made a commitment that Raila Odinga even if he owns East Africa Spectra and it does business the government. He will have to sacrifice that, because you must make a decision; whether you want to serve the people or you want to do business. That affects me also because I could be having my own businesses here and there. It means that once I get reelected, I will not be entitled as of that undertaking to trade directly because it is a political class that at times twist rules or tries to influence things for their own financial benefit: so that is just an example.
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