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Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto (Responsibility and Leadership).

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Projects that were sponsored by Eurobond, he told us in two week come we’ll give you the list. When we went he told us no we can’t account for it because the money was mixed up with VAT and pay as you earn and appropriations in aid. So what am trying to say is that responsible debt is a debt that NASA will undertake and when we go to borrow, we must provide accountability for that debt. It will not be the first time. In Tanzania they also went and borrow from the foreign markets, when there was a will power of corruption; Standard bank is having issues I’m Tanzania over that. Mozambique went to the foreign markets to borrow they said they were borrowing to buy tuna fishing boatslater on it emerged that they bought naval boats. So when you take debt you must tell Kenyans to what use it has been put. We will continue borrowing but we will be borrowing responsibly, we will be very accountable to Kenyans for the debt that we incur on their behalf.

What will happen to projects like Ghalana Kulana, what will happen to such products that causes so much money?


No I am persuaded that NASA’s leadership is responsible, that they cannot do away with a good thought: that’s something that was well thought out even though poorly executed must not be entirely done away with. So I hope NASA is able to take up some of these projects because some of them also date back from the time when the NASA leader himself was in government and so I just hope when they take over
something they’re able to actualize them, It’s no longer going to he talked. 1 million acres is not a child’s joke if it well utilized with perfect irrigation. I assure you and good infrastructure to be able to move the products from the process from one point across the country; it can be able to sustain a least 60 per cent of this nation. Be that as it may just to touch on the debt thing I hope really if we are able to deal with corruption. Then the amount we will need to borrow is greatly reduced because then we have resources at our disposal locally; to be able to tackle most of the things for which we borrow. So I hope NASA does just that, fixes corruption: I hope they take over the projects that seems to have been mismanaged under Jubilee I hope they set an example to the country to know that for every dime you take away or or you rob Kenyans and put it to your personal use there is punishment. That it is a country, that will reward good and be able to ruthlessly punish evil. 

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