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Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto (Debt Management).

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Cost us about 350 billion every year we are eating the equivalent of 20 level 7 hospitals. So the government that will decide to one:
Implement the spirit of chapter 6
– Magufuli fire his best friend as the minister for Home Affairs when he showed up for a cabinet meeting drunk. His best friend, he said you know what I don’t want guys to and say I did not fire my friend when he showed that he was reckless and so I look forward to the presidency that that will look into the eyes of the most famous person in your cabinet and tell them you know what we have lost money and you are going home and you will return it. I love you you are my brother and my friend my favorite friend my lead campaigner but when it gets to this, this is the lives of the Kenyans; That way we are able to reduce the 600 billion lost maybe 100 billion than eventually to nothing.

Now Kenya is now at 4.2 trillion debt: what NASA is saying is that they will to first of all borrow responsibly but how will we take care of that debt that we have. That when Jubilee came in to power it was at 1.2 trillion right now is at 4 trillion that’s like 3 trillion up from where we were. What is NASA going to do about this?

Moses Kajwang:

The average Kenyans owes at least Fifty Nine Thousand Shillings to Chinese and other Shylock’s around the world. We as NASA are saying that their are some instances where you must incur debt. So we aren’t saying that will never undertake debt even even as a private citizen.
If you want to own a house, you either take a loan or a mortgage or you go work at the NYS and buy the house in cash. But it is only available to a few people in this country. You must take a loan to buy that house take a buy that car and many of us take loans to take their children to secondary schools which NASA will make free from September. So even as a nation there are some things that we cannot with the limited revenue base that we have to go to the markets in fact Eurobond was an idea that came up during the Kibaki days and we never had a problem with people going to the European markets to get debt. The problem when we had to pay off Anglising debt through an executive order. The president going to state house and live TV the way he has done ordering that those debts be paid, debts that were occasion by corruption the second level was when they block the Auditor General from from auditing the trail of the Eurobond proceeds. We still have doubts, it is not clear to Kenyans whether 1 billion US dollars ever found its way to Kenya because the President called an anti-corruption conference at State House and rubbished the Auditor General and belittled him and what followed after was a charade because it was an attempt to kick him out of the office through the procurement stipulated in the constitution when we asked the cabinets secretary for the treasury – to tell us fine if all this money come into the it should have been filmed, could you give us a catalogue …Continue Reading.

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