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Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto (Cost of living ).

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Now Speaking to the Kenyans about what it is that Jubilee offering and what is it that NASA offering: What is it that they should be able to look out for?

Kiptoo : Now what I will ask the voters to focus their attention in; let’s look at each of the coalitions manifesto “what seems realistic, what seems achievable?” one thing that I would ask the voters to be conscious about is that their is always the glamour there’s always something presentable but importantly can we break it down and see, is it really achievable? For example if I picked out for the NASA manifesto, I felt that it would be a destruction a good idea but a destruction when they talked about sponsoring a constitutional amendment to hybrid because you rightly bring us back to politics again. And there’s something about Kenyans with politics, every time politics become the main thing everything takes a back seat: and at the moment the problem is economy economy and jobs. I would ask the voters to focus on what are the proper initiatives that each of the coalitions can deliver and can achieve and it’s not just what looks good on paper but actually can have direct impact on the people and I want us to focus on simple things:

Cost of living

If we narrow down our efforts on that and we ask ourselves; does Jubilee give us any reason to feel they will lower the cost of living and make life bearable? If it’s a no and you know for them we may just need to ask the question what have they done that should be the question for NASA it’s what will, what political will, do they have to put and to push through the same because bottom line remains how can we be able to know the real genuine interest of a coalition; can they really deliver and put those that are in paper in to action just that.

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