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Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto (Corruption).

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… reinstate him and he had questions to answer as regards the cost of maize and the major scandal at the point, what we have experienced again with his deputy president. So you don’t know whether he was to blame for it then, I don’t know. So I just hope that when NASA takes over government. Should they make it to take over government, I want to look at how they will handle EACC which has, in my opinion been extremely malfunctioning.
You cannot come to show us police officers taking bribes on the road and yet you do not arrest the people to whom they remit this money to because the money goes up the chain. So if you want to deal with it decisively, we want to see a few big shots arrested if my brother Moses is going to be caught with a case of corruption and he serves 5 years in Jail god for forbid I know is a man of great standing and the character and virtue then then we will say “come on” did the Minister just go in: it is what Magufuli has done in Tanzania. The Central Bank boss was fired, not only fired; their assets were reclaimed not only reclaimed he served it as a jail sentence then you know something is happening but to throw them in for 6 months in jail. Only to come out and enjoy the billions that they have stashed in their accounts outside the country, I think that’s not like it. I really hope we are able to deal with this monster once and for all.

Joshua Kiptoo :

A quick answer to that; The currency that can slay corruption is political will it is will will will and what I will pick out. I have done a small and I picked two case studies that we can refer to. I will lick China and I’ll pick Georgia and you will see what impact political will can have and the same political will, don’t forget the custodian of a political in system rests with the highest office in the land. In Georgia a president came in 2003 shakasvili, and really what he did he only started with one token action and it could be felt across board. The first thing he did he disbanded the entire police force; that is the first thing because it was the most corrupt, disbanded the whole thing and told them we are starting from fresh. You know that single action sent so much shockwaves that that you’d found two narratives: one would see this can lead to collapse this can lead to a cur but for him he said no no. Let us show that we can get it done and in fact in two three four years down through the United Nations they acknowledge that Georgia is a country that was able to sleep public corruption by 60 per cent. Come to China, it is an established country. It is the second biggest power in the world when it comes to economy cloud and every thing. Even with their tight control system and a communist system, corruption will was still their problem. Now enter this current leader, Junping who comes in and says “every leader has an agenda, my would be to …Continue Reading.

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