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Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto (Corruption and Ruling).

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Fight corruption in order to ensure continuity of China. Did he do anything different, nothing he came in and said in fact I remember the narrative in China was and even the Chinese would make fun and say there are two classes of citizens :

  • We have the Tigers and then
  • We have the flees

The corruption fight is always against the flees and the Tigers are untouchable as long as you are a member of the communist party and you are a member in the Politburo the big like the highest organ you are out of it. He came in and said he is going in both for the flees and the tigers. And the first he did; there was one person who was touted to be a future leader he took him out and to the extend that like it was so bigot such news not just in China even outside China so that tells you something. The currency is political will, when the president says that what do you want me to do? That have done institutions.

The institutions are a product of the constitution and we give a thumbs up thank you you’ve given money to the institutions you’ve let them run but you see when say that and the next minute we see that you have an ability to remove the EACC commissioners. They were able to hound them up in two weeks so what was so difficult in making them work.Importantly let’s looks at the institutions there’s always a story that the constitution is a problem it gives so many things.

Let me surprise you that was the case when it came to the security organs what happened. Government amended the law given the president the direct power to appoint the IG. Under the IG you have the DCI, the director of criminal investigation that is a powerful arm, the NYS answers directly under the president. In short president has pinpoint information, can they make them actionable? It’s only the president. In Kenya it is because the untouchable always know as long as they have their person up their, nothing can happen. So if you ask about solutions they said it so well it is political will and it starts with the highest office in the land nothing else. Magufuli for the last two years has shown it can happen, I can just add something he said.
The last one week there are two, one of them in fact is a Kenyan businessman and of Asian origin. It costs so much news that these guys of a scandal that happened three years ago before even Magufuli was president. You can see the symbolic in it that if the untouchable guy can be prosecuted and access reprocessed that’s enough, everything will fall into place.

David Osien ;

When we talk about fixing the corruption crisis then you are aware that almost 30 per cent of our budget, annual budget is lost in corruption. Our budget currently stands at two trillion if am not wrong. It means six hundred billion shillings is… Lost… To the corruption menace. Now if we were losing 600 billion essentially every year; we are eating the 1000km of dual courage that NASA promises to do from Mombasa going through Losing into Malaba and Eldoret which  …Continue Reading

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