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Missing IEBC ICT Manager Christopher Msando Found Dead In The Forest.

Who Killed Msando
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Christopher Msando the manager of ICT at IEBC who has been missing since Friday night was found dead and his body at the City Mortuary. This comes at a time when the police has sudden investigations at the early hours of this morning; where it was depicted that his car was found at Roysambu, around the Kasarani area. Msando’s car was tossed to the Kasarani police as the investigations continue but the information we’ve managed to get is that he has been found dead.

But my question is why? And for what reason ?

Why are this death scenes rounding at Securities and Electoral Boards?

How could the IEBC ICT  Manager not have enough security?

Msando's dead body had visible injuries We understand that the last chat he had was on Friday when he sent a message to one of his colleges at 3 am, a man who has been expected to take charge as far as the integrations system for the election was concerned. He was the custodian for the servers of IEBC and this could probably through out the electoral body of balance from his death.

Chairman Wafula Chebukati on Monday viewed  the body of Mr Musando and said it was clear “he had been tortured”

He also went on and termed the death as ‘murder’ as he agreed that post-mortem had to be carried to determine the cause of the death. “We demand to know who killed him and why,” Mr Chebukati exclaimed while at City Mortuary in Nairobi.


Christopher Musando’s body had visible injuries at the left side of his head, back and on the stomach. Both of his hands had cut wounds and the family shares in Mr Chebukati’s death. The right hand was broken and his face had no injury but fresh blood was oozing from the nose.

Raila’s Speech

This is a day of shame and sorrow. An assassin is only a coward, not a hero. That is what I will call those who took Chris Musando’s life – they are despicable, inhuman and cowardly beings.

Chris is a son, a husband, and, a father. He is the son of a community. Chris is a patriot who sought to use his celebrated ICT genius and skills to enable Kenyans choose their government in a free and fair manner. Someone or some people have seen it fit to take away this dedicated public servant’s life. But my mind is as clear as daylight. There will never be a day when an assassin will ever stop a cause and a dream that is just.News from Nasa

My family, and the entire NASA family mourns with his wife and children and his family.What has happened to Chris Musando, is a stain on our conscience as Kenyans.

To IEBC Staff with whom Chris worked, I ask you to soldier on and deliver your promise to Kenyans – a free and fair election. Never has the fate of so many, relied on the actions of a few. But as my Pentagon colleagues made clear: We are too many to be intimidated.

Rest in peace Chris. Your life will not be in vain. Justice will be done.


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