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Kenya Gets Crippled; The Citizens Cry To Politicians

Kenya Gets Crippled
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You Can Not Repeat Doing The Same Thing Every Day And Expect Different Results.

Sometimes I marvel to the citizens of Kenya, I being one of them. With my entrepreneurial knowledge and lore how we Kenyans think: and relate things. How could we have the torrid to Say Jubilee Tena with the raise in inflation. Of course am not claiming that NASA as an option, but we have several others. Am I the one who is very inquisitive to notice this or we are just ignorant to the facts? 
Moreover a person with eyes can depict this; our debt since our current government came into power has tripled if not quadrupled, from Ksh 1.3 Billion to Ksh 4.3 Billions. Are we really moving forward? 
Our country is already crippled, now instead of making profits we are looking for ways to pay our debts notwithstanding the current living standards we have. 
Now the (government) did another good thing by advancing the health facilities: but who are operating them? 
Now we are heading to elections, those in hospitals most, if not all have not received medical care. Are we playing with people’s lives? Kenya Gets Crippled
I love the SGR project in fact have been on it, but if people are sick who are the people using them?
And if it is about ethnicity is one ethnic tribe that are sick in the hospital?
I believe it affects all sundry. 
Jubilee isn’t bad but it is their work that is wanting, I don’t condemn Jubilee for a second term: who am I to do so. But I do so for their arrogance, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. But a good leader is one who appreciates his mistakes and finds ways to rectify them. It is like that in business, so should it be in the world. NOW OUR POLITICS IS TAKING AS TO MATTERS SECURITY: WHICH IS A VERY SENSITIVE PART TO INDULGE IN POLITICS. 
Which our politicians feels it is an ideal topic to weaken the each other. But if all goes wrong who is this any that will be stepped on?

Don’t misinterpreted this out of context but let us show some essence of maturity in discussing it. IN THE COMMENTS I DON’T EXPECT PATSY PEOPLE, ONLY INDIVIDUALS WITH RATIONAL THOUGHTS

Your comments are Highly appreciated in the comment box below.

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