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IEBC, CEO Ezra Chiloba; Dashboard Changing, The Numbers Coming In.

Election results in Kenya
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It was notice that Kenyans came out in large today to exercise their democratic rights to vote, which means we are maturing as a country. Early this morning at 10 am their were some delays in other parts of the country at some polling stations as the IEBC chairman explains that it will be compensated at the closing time; that is, 5pm this evening. It was also noticed that their were other challenges where Ezra Chilobra addressed some;

  Some issues in Changamwe where the polling clerks were issuing extra ballots to the people where we heard Ezra Chiloba exclaiming that their efforts are to ensure every legible voter who shows up to vote today will be given that opportunity to vote. He also added that if the delays in terms of opening the polling stations, they will be able to compensate with additional time equivalent to what they had lost as he also explained the reasons why some polling stations had a delay;

      Is that last night some of the officers were not able to put their art together at that time and when they got to the polling station their callings had already started and their was a bit of confusion. As Chiloba says that they were able to mark that and specific polling stations have been addressed.

    He also pointed out the far flanged areas like Baringo, Loima in Turkana which were facing challenges because of heavy rains and floods, which also created some challenges to carry their materials those places. He also assured them that once the materials have arrived they will be given time to vote.


Ezra Chiloba, CEO also said that they and the chairman Chebukati, and his IEBC team will be very strict with clerks and officers that would interfere with the process; and there is no officer that has been mentioned for having misbehaved that action has not been taken from them.


At every given point in an hour all the kits will be able to send details to the central data base; and if you look at the number of kits that are active at the moment. The IEBC CEO, Ezra Chiloba that only a few of the kits were able to send the details due to the network issues and they are working on them and they will be able to update the country in terms of the turn out trends.

We will be receiving results as they come from the polling stations as Chiloba says that by 6 o’clock we will be getting results that is the dashboard changing, the numbers coming in.

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