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How I Developed My Personality

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Developing your personality starts with understanding yourself. Evaluate what traits you see in yourself,and where needs improvement . Try listing some of the things or traits you feel you are great at; here you can do this by hearing on what friends and family always have been telling you. If they, Parents : say something like my son/daughter is always committed to completing his/her work. I think from their you’ll have hardworking and persistence as some of your traits. Most people say you can ask friends but most of the time this hasn’t worked for me.
Asking friends of your traits, most of might lie about it, or even exaggerate it. Maybe you have a very honest friend which I believe is not easy to find you can suggest to do that; here is the best way to get some poor and best traits about yourself from friends and it might be the best part to improve on. Mostly when people are furious or drunk they tend to speak the truth, I just discovered this from my friends.i discovered my personality

My quest on discovering my Personality 
How When Furious;
One day I just did something wrong to my friend unintentionally but to him it seemed intentionally. So I did want to also argue with him about it, I tried to defend myself. On trying to do that he just shouted something about me; in fact their was where I realized my weakest part. The same thing happened when I was with my girlfriend and some of my friends in a Party. Now that’s on

How When Drunk;
And because I don’t drink and I was sober though out the Night Party. Just chilling out with them, when they were a bit tired and sat down for some stories their is where I got some of my best traits.

Of course am not suggesting you do this to your friends. Wait for the right time when everything will take place. But actually at those activities, was were a got something true about my self. But that wasn’t enough because they would only say one or two of my two opposite sides. But ultimately, each person’s personality is their own, and there is no one way to have a happier or more attractive personality. 

In discovering your personality DON’T dwell much on your poor or weakest side: Accept it and treat it as normal, of course their are some traits we can change with time but their are some that can not and those are the one’s i would suggest you should waste your time asking WHY?. 

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