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Hassan Joho Dumps ktn’s Betty Kyalo One Year Later.

Was Hassan Joho Sponsoring Betty Kyalo's Life Style
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Hassan Joho dumps ktn’s Betty Kyalo one year later.
Betty Kyallo has been secretly dating Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, that is is we go by the president rumor that has been going round. However, we have received news that they are no longer an “item” ; According to the sources, Hassan Joho has dumped the ktn News anchor.Betty's car next day after a small accident to her previous car
Good thing is that, Betty has milked the governor of all the dollars she wanted; she has her own empire – Posh Palace that was launched early this year. Intelligent isn’t it?

Betty Kyallo's 18 Million Car
Where do you think she got all that money? journalism at ktn? Notwithstanding let’s say it’s it.
Joho allegedly ‘stole’Betty from Okari by buying her a mansion in Nairobi; Moreover, he then proceeded to gift her with Ksh 18 million Porsche cayenne. The same car that he has repossessed and is now on the streets of Mombasa. Joho's name on Betty Kyalo's New Car

Don’t you believe it? KRA details claim that the car actually belongs to Joho.
Since it is our business to Snoop on lives of celebrities, what do you think about this?
Did Betty Kyallo deserve to be dumped and used like that?

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