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Does Willy Paul’s New Song (Digiri) Show Some Essence Of Gospel

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Literally, this is what I have to say about Willy Paul’s New Song notwithstanding what other gospel artists and fans have to say.

He has enthusiasm and skill; First we should agree and appreciate that this guy is really talented; Let’s get a bit outside gospel, because I know SOME people dislike him for that. The real analogy behind gospel singing is not only to  you calling or quoting a story or verse from the Bible, Noo!!! I refuse to believe that.

You see: Being a gospel artist to my understanding;

Involves finding a message that you can convey to people either in parables/wise sayings/ something that has a good hidden meaning. Here is what I am trying to picture out, like from the Bible, the Parables that “Jesus” used to teach his disciples.

Do you know why he didn’t want to just say them in easy expressions (for easy understanding)? It’s simply because he wanted them to think, and also wanted to know how differently his disciple could understand the message. Even in his (“Jesus”) elaboration, he didn’t go dip into them tying to elaborate them farther.

  • Looking at Willy Paul’s New Song Digiri – People judge it by what the SEE and HEAR; But not by what they LOOK and LISTEN. When I LOOK and LISTEN to the song, here is what I found;


His dancing moves aren’t actually gospel or holy like, But let’s say he used the Church’s moves (I hope get this) … could you have watched the video? NOO!! WHY? Because it couldn’t have interested you and of course who said Gospel can’t be interesting. This is what an saying;  mostly we as human beings’ we never see the goodness in others rather the other side i.e badside:  those who look for the goodside are few.


My reason as to why I support this song as one of the gospel fan is that, to help the sinners you have to ACT like them, BEHAVE like them and TALK to them to find HOW, WHY and WHAT should be done to change them to what you want of them. You know people aren’t born with distinct characters, we grow and mostly adapt to the environment differently.; thus the difference in character.

  1. Being an artist shows that you have some sense of creativity in you. God gave us talents to use them wisely, he (Willy Paul and his likes) chose to serve the Almighty; Which is a good thing. But his style is different, the Song Digiri

{“Binguni hakuna digiri” , “wengine wanasema ati wamesoma sana na hawaezi shirikiana na watu wamesoma” }

  • Let me use this as a sample to clarify my statement, most pastors or preachers mostly those starting or have little finance always finds it hard to preach to people in estates trying to bring them close to the Almighty, do you know why?

It’s because of this   “wengine wanasema ati wamesoma sana na hawaezi shirikiana na watu wamesoma”. Most people belittle and despise them not really because they have little education or are financially unstable, it’s because they have that notion. What if the “financially unstable or the little educated pastors” could say this?

Most if not all people could say “Those are their sayings”. So kindly let’s look at things differently and most likely positively and we will be valuable to the community. And also let’s LOOK and LISTEN to things rather than SEEING and HEARING.

Remember this guy (Willy Paul) is a trend setter with his hits.

The same applies to NIKUMBUSHE by Bahati feat Rayvanny.


Let see what you think about this from the COMMENT BOX below and Thank you for checking in, I hope you had a wonderful day.

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