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Do You Think Ballot Printing Tender Threatens Elections?

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“No Confidence; Opposition Rejects Company As Compromised.
Uhuru met Al Ghurair boss in February 2016 in Dubai and in Nairobi in October when he led Chamber of Commerce delegations” – The Star

“Raila wants Uhuru punished by IEBC – WHY? ODINGA accuses polls team of doing nothing as Jubilee allegedly uses public resources to campaign while president promises to humbly work away if the electorate rejects him at the election” – Daily Nation

“Uhuru, Raila clash over election plans; Other allegations President accuses NASA for undermining election body as Raila throw’s ballot printing tender into disarray with alleged Jubilee link into firm” – The Standard

“Uhuru, Raila clash over IEBC poll readiness; President asks opposition to stop harassing electoral body as NASA leader say tenders threatens elections.” – People Daily

BIG Q ; Do you think ballot printing tender threatens elections?

  • During the elections, each and every polling station will be having Agents from from the respective political party checking the election process and ensuring that their is no ridging at the polling station level. Therefore, it shouldn’t worry Kenyan’s that the person who met the President is printing the ballot papers. It’s the political parties that should instill trust to IEBC.
  • What we should know is that their has never been a perfect election in the world, but let’s understand also that politics is also about optics and perceptions. And if a person brings out such a picture and we’ve found that has been such attempts before, of course people are bound to wonder because the president met these firm or delegations they owe him a fever or he owes them.

It is incumbent upon IEBC, whether we trust it or not. I urge IEBC to come out clearly and take charge in this electioneering process; And what ever the participating candidates I.e Jubilee and NASA is saying should know that these process is under IEBC. Politics is about numbers, politics is about perception. So whatever politicians will be saying; IEBC should come out and state that they are in charge and whatever they [politicians] will be saying will sound incoherent. In addition IEBC should tell Kenya’s [I.e voter] that; “These are the things we have put in place and we want these elections to be credible and true for the government of Kenya. When that happens people will have no interest in listening to what politicians have to say about IEBC responsibilities.

We also know that politicians have these habit of discrediting everything and anything they don’t like in this country. My first sympathy is to the commissioners; these people are learning on the job and got the job late last year around October November but again let’s go further to what got bluff of the politicians;

Am not Sure that Al Ghurair apart from printing the ballot papers; they will be voting and printing them.

In October 2016 the Elections Law Amendment Act was passed then another one was passed in 2017 again Law Amendment Act and it was very clear that this time technology will be embraced; and their is where we have the Kenya Integrated Electoral Management System, and that is why most people who want to scuttle the election have been going to court making it impossible for IEBC to move or the commission to stick to legal timelines in terms of obtaining electoral material and equipment.

Here is where the point comes Sufrun from France has already been granted the contract to supply KIMS and the reason give is that they are the ones who supplied the BVR [ Biometric Voter Registration] and they have also supplied the new technology that ensures that their is ;

  • Voter identification before voting &
  • Electronic transmission of result.

So what we should know as Kenyan’s is that even if one of the political parties have 1 million ballots, they are useless; Because already with KIMS the national tallying center will already have received from every polling station/center the people identified with the technology. So the ballots do not matter moreover the firm printing the ballots: As long as the voter is going to be identified electronically, the voter was registered electronically and the results will be transmitted electronically because that gadget will five the information/count. So their cannot be more ballots that the one given electronically, that’s insane. It also ensures that DEAD people don’t vote.

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So the only comments should be on security, because that belongs to the government. The big thing that can bring violence in the election is rejection of the elections result; Especially the Presidential elections. So that concludes that IEBC should make sure that is something that should be done well, and whatever the results issued to Kenyans is going to be unambiguous, clear and comprehensive. Let’s keep in mind that in any competition their must always be a loser, let’s be ready to accept that if we want a peaceful election.

All in all if let’s not be blinded Kenyans, because if really Jubilee feels that it is Dubai tenders that should be printing the election papers than why did they invite him in state house while discussion their issues. Is that right?

But from the look of things IEBC seems independent?

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