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  • Aug 09 2017

    Hackers Used Msandos’ Details To Login IEBC IT Expert Explains; Raila Reveals

    I will explain what happened between the times of 12:37 on 8th of August to about 4 O’clock in the afternoon. Now there are two issues here to deal with access and privileges ;    In standard operating procedure in IT, when you have a data base you have the […]

  • Aug 08 2017

    7 Reasons You Should Vote Even If You Don’t Feel It’s Change.

    Am proud to announce that this time round Kenya have turned out in good numbers to vote. This depicts some kind of progress and maturity in our country Kenya. But what what of those who are still a home sitting comfortably waiting for the results too, i will first say […]

  • Aug 01 2017

    President Uhuru Furious Of The Allegations; Nasa Go To Hell Enough Is Enough

    President Uhuru Kenyatta was furious of Nasa’s Allegations Of Using the Military to rig the elections. The president added that he has had enough of Nasa’s Allegations; As Nasa give’s more clarify on their claims.

  • Aug 01 2017

    Could Raila Odinga Be The President Kenya Needs?

    Yes It is true that Raila Odinga has done much for our Country Kenya In terms of Democracy and Devolution But he…

  • Aug 01 2017


    After Christopher Msando had an interview from the media that Friday he went missing. In between their was Nasa, Jubilee campaigns; the after it was notice that one MP from…

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