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NASA manifesto

  • What is true on NASA Manifesto
    Jul 09 2017

    Research ;Facts Analyzed about NASA And Jubilee Manifesto

    Well in this post we will be talking about some facts that were considered to be right and wrong From NASA Manifesto, and at the end you will also have the link from the source of this statistics. These are some of the analyzed facts by Africa Check, One of […]

  • Joho speech: Uhuru ni mlevi na Ruto ni Mwizi
    Jul 06 2017

    “Uhuru ni mlevi na Ruto ni Mwizi”; Joho Speech In Bomet. 

    According to Joho; does it mean that our country is being governed by thief and drunkard persons? (Ruto and Uhuru respectively) Bomet hoyee… Bomet mamboo… Mko gangari? Mko gangari kinoma? Mko tayari? Basi mimi ndiyo Yule Yule jamaa kutoka Mombasa. Mimi ndiyo yule yule Uhuru Kenyatta wananifungia njia! Ilekitu amesahau […]

  • Jul 06 2017

    NASA Cannot Solve Land Issues In Kajiado County: Claims Uhuru

    Here is what the sitting president Uhuru Kenyatta said in his campaign at Kajiado as he revisit the motive land issue triggered by remarks attributed to NASA Flag bearer Raila Odinga.  Na ndipo wengine wetu tuna sikitika jamani. Tukiskia kiongozi, Mzee ambaye tunamheshimu atakama tunashindana, akiwa ana simama mbele ya umati: […]

  • Jun 28 2017

    Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto (Responsibility and Leadership).

    Projects that were sponsored by Eurobond, he told us in two week come we’ll give you the list. When we went he told us no we can’t account for it because the money was mixed up with VAT and pay as you earn and appropriations in aid. So what am […]

  • Lawyers in Kenya
    Jun 28 2017

    Part 1: Analysis On The NASA And Jubilee Manifesto (Debt Management).

    Cost us about 350 billion every year we are eating the equivalent of 20 level 7 hospitals. So the government that will decide to one: Implement the spirit of chapter 6 – Magufuli fire his best friend as the minister for Home Affairs when he showed up for a cabinet […]

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