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Conversational Analysis Jubilee Party’s Manifesto.

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Calvin’s Oridi ;

I have a problem with anybody trying to defend the situation in Kenya today, every time you see them start on a very defensive note: Either Rome was not built in a day …, Am 4 years is not enough and things like that. But remember this standard railway gauge that they keep on talking about was not even in their manifesto. The only reason why the standard gauge railway was given a priority because it was a big big meat for them to eat as others watch;,the Chinese ate it right from it’s inception to running it today. Ah… So many people have eaten on it. Maybe something that she does not know, that all the stations all the lands on which the stations have been built, have been bought from very serious senior people in today’s government and the past government.
It was just a gravy trade for every one. The very things that they have put in the manifesto; None of it was done. When you come and tell us that Uhuru …

Akisa, Ktn ; No that could not be deific hat about the things like healthcare, maternal care..

Calvin’s Orindi : Yes am getting to that …what they have done is too little to credit them for.

Akisa, Ktn; The argument that we have seen is that a seating government or seating president should not be launching a manifesto, they should be telling us as the citizens what they have done and why they need more time to finish the kind of projects they have had.

Mwende Mwenzi;

I disagree with that I … I mean this is a reelection campaign. So this is a government that is aspiring to come in to power again. It is actually their mandate to articulate their scorecards and from their convince Kenyan’s that they are worth being elected because from A they will take them to B. So that’s simply what it is, it is the continuation, it is the freshening up of the manifesto. Things that were accomplished, things that still need to be completed and articulating that an selling it to the people of the republic of Kenya; and I’m on ground and I am listening to it’s resonance and am… The numbers are building and we are talking about uniting a country. And for you to talk about divisive politics: it is your candidate who was in Kajiado another day saying ” warudi kwao”

BIG Q; Did Raila say “warudi kwao”,or “wakae kwao” and why?

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