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Analysis Highlights Of Jubilee Manifesto

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Alright Jubilee launched their manifesto yesterday and if we talk about manifestos’

do Kenyans really care about them [manifestos’]?

We also found out that NASA was to also launch theirs last week but they postponed.

Perhaps let’s see Why do we need manifestos in the first place as a political community?
A manifesto is what shows [like a plan] you what to do and how you intend to do it; and it has to be based on certain visions and ideologies which I believe both of the political divide are trying to bring in. You see for the Jubilee party; it is more economic driven and that is the vision it has for the country within the region and within the continent.
If you see for NASA they are more enhancing national cohesion so to speak or trying to rectify the challenges or shortcomings they feel Jubilee has.
This is an Highlight of Jubilee’s Manifesto and we’ll be analyzing them as we go through it;

1. In Job creation – they say when they get the next 5 years they will be able to create more more jobs. So how are they going to do that if they have not been able to do that for the last couple of years?

– I think it’s kind of a fallacy to put in a manifesto “Job creation for the youth” I think there are other basic things you ought to do as a government or you ought to promise and commit to doing as a government; which if you actually do: It will automatically result to job creation. Yeah, unemployment is a big issue currently but the response to it from the government, for me is not just “job creation” it is the structural things you have to do for example in the economy that will turn out automatically as job opportunities. So I don’t think it’s not right to promise people and I thing it’s a bit further than that and say How? [Well it is alright in the day to day conversation to say that…] They should say how are they going to create jobs?

If talking about the last 4 years do you think Jubilee government has been able to create; okay not the Job it’s self but an environment where many Kenyans have been able to get job opportunities?

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